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20 September 2010 @ 10:17 pm
It's out. After a tough battle against both 4shared and photobucket, it's frigging out.

Retrace LIII: Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

online at photobucket. || 4shared

Oh, and before I'm being attacked with questions like "why the hell isn't the fuckin' link working?!!", I'll tell you: yes, the album is private. The password for it is: yikes
Ah, btw people PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD OUR RELEASES ONTO ANY HOSTING SITE. Seriously, just.. don't.
All in all, just enjoy it, people.
15 September 2010 @ 07:03 pm
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present to you all Shiki's chapter 21! It's a chapter full of epicness and good twists so I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did.

Shiki chapter 21
sendspace || other links asap.
Enjoy it, people.

Also, I don't know if anyone knows it already,
but we've got a new FORUM. It's all new, so it may look quite dead.. and we'll LOVE you if you join us! We promise we won't bite you... well, sometimes.
11 September 2010 @ 03:37 pm

 Well, I did it - I made a shiny new forum for TBA!! Now, when you click on the Forum link, it'll take you to the new forum. Of course, since our current forum is still active and such, we're keeping it open for another week. During that time,we'll be trying to move things over to the new forum. If you want to access the old forum, you can do so, but we're expecting to close the old forum by next Saturday.

But, in the mean time, feel free to start using the new forum! It's a new server for me, so we'll still be working on the kinks and stuff...so let us know any suggestions or problems you notice.

it's finally up :3. 

Thanks everyone :D!
21 August 2010 @ 04:17 am

So it's done. Finally. And.. I've got only one comment about it: it's an EPIC chapter. Enjoy it.

Chapter LII: Bloody Rites.
I also want a red robe nowww ;A;!

4shared || rest asap ;3


Have you got enough of a cliffhanger now?

16 August 2010 @ 10:17 pm

What?! A Kamui release?!! This century?!!! Yup, you're not wrong, this is a Kamui release lol. We had to release something before the new chapter of PH is out lol, yenno XD!

We had some problems during the process though.. but bleh, I'm not going to start babbling about them because it's boring lol. HOWEVER, with this release I want to celebrate the return of two of our most reliable translators : JewelledWings and Abby! I'm so glad they're back~ <333! The both of them are sooooo awesomeeee <3333!

Anyway, just enjoy the chapter ~! And yay! We're nearly reaching the end and we're in the middle of the climax XD!

Chapter 48:  The Chasm is Hard to Fill
I still love Utsuho, even when he's fucked up lol.
4shared || more mirrors asap ;3

Btw~ next chapter might be out soon, depending on how much time I have. Actually, it might be out reaaalllyy sooon,  *insert evil laugh here* - well, within this week or the next one, depening if PH gets on our way before I can get started on it lol.


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21 July 2010 @ 11:41 am

Yup, the releases keep coming :3! You weren't expecting we would have more releases this century week, right? But, apparently, our staffers like surprises and therefore, we've got more surprises for you this time! Which is what we're releasing, you say? It's Shiiiikiiiiii - and you gotta love it lol. So yeah, we start volume 7 with this chapter aaaand.. we celebrate that it's got an anime! Omg, am I the only one who's really excited about it 8D?

Kirishiki Sunako Chapter 1: Inheritance of Blood

sendspace || hotfile || 4shared || megaupload || mediafire
(omg, links by biribiri again :'D)


Enjoy <3!


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19 July 2010 @ 04:31 pm

So.. it's out! And, I'll try not to make any comments on this chapter - even if I'm a talkative moron, and you guys know it - and release it because I'll get late to my English courses XD (they start 16:30, and it's 16:26 pm here and I still haven't got dressed XDDD).

Chapter 7
yay, gory scenes make inu happy |D
hotfile || 4shared || megaupload || mediafire
every single mirror except for the hotfile, provided by biriri *again* :'D
//cries of happiness XD


Enjoy ;3

19 July 2010 @ 01:03 am

So I say..

Chapter LI: Reim and Lily.

"I thought I was Gilbert
Nightray who had a dream
 of being a butterfly.
What If I am a butterfly
who, at that very moment,
is dreaming of being Gilbert Nightray?"
and my comment: wtf?! Gil!?

4shared || megaupload ||  hotfile || mediafire.
(hotfile and mediafire mirrors by the amazing biribiri <3)


Wah, this release was reeeeeally faster than usual right? It may have to do with the fact that the chapter has 31 pages instead of the usual number which goes around 40 and 50. Plus, it was - for some strange reason I still can't understand - reeeeeally easy to typeset. However, it'd not have been out so fast, without the help of Spacecat, for letting us use her awesome scans; Kayla, for translating so amazingly fast; EurydiceQ for proofreading it super fast as well; and for Ish, who was QCing the chapter at the same time I was typesetting it - for real, we're doing such an amazing duo with the QC-Typesett thing, I'm enthralled XD. And, obviously, we'd not be able to have such a fast and awesome release, if it weren't for Mochi-sensei! So, yeah, don't forget to show her your support by buying Pandora Hearts - if it's avaible in your country, that is. Specially since volume 12 is out, and it has an AMAZING cover with Ada ♥ - and therefore, I ask WHEN IS ELLY-ELLY GOING TO HAVE A COVER!?.

Aaaanyway, hope you super enjoy it and if you find some sort of sense to the words I've written above, I'll personally congratulate you ♥ - I know, the insomnia is driving me mad XD.

Aww, and one last comment: the baskervilles are adorable ♥♥ - and the color page is.. AMAZING as well XD!

21 June 2010 @ 09:56 pm

And so it's done. *sigh* It took a while, but let me tell you this chapter is awesome. Actually, it made me remember why I liked Pandora Hearts at the beginning. And well, it's such a cute, yet evil chapter.. so I guess you'll also like it :3

Chapter 50

BTW, PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHEN IT'LL BE RELEASED ANYMORE! Indeed, it's ok if I only have to answer to you all your questions once.. but you know, if 10 fans come at me, asking me the same question, without even reading what the others had said, it's REALLY annoying. Indeed, and YES, WE'RE NOT GOING TO DROP PH! Argh, I'm tired of answering this question too, so, the next time you ask it, I'm gonna tell you that we will drop it for sure *even if we won't XD*

16 June 2010 @ 05:19 pm

Wow, it's been a while since we had a double release, hasn't it? For some reason, I like double releases the most. I admire those groups who can release 4 chapters a week, and all of them in a same day *-* ! I, as a fan, always end up like : Yeaaaahhh!!!! Four chapterrsss XDD. So, today, when I'm releasing myself 2 chapters, I expect fans to react the same way I do ¬¬ LMAO.

Anyway, Shiiiikiii faaaanssss! You didn't expect a new chapter this soon, did you?! Haha, we surprised youu XD. I'd like to say we'll release the next one as soon as this one also, but I'm not certain about it. Translators went MIA again.. so we'll see how we will manage :/.

BTW, with this Shiki chapter, we finish volume 6 :3! Aaaand, I bet you know volume 8 will come out in August, right :33?? Remember to buy it to support the authors!

And.. Thanks a looooooot to Sanada who's helping out with translating! Sanada, you're gundam, you know?

Leaving that aside--...enjoy your Shiki releaseee!!!!

Shiki chapter 19.
such a cliffhanger, shit

4shared || asap

So, let's move onto Zanbara! After a toooough QCing time we had with Eternal, I'm here releasing Zanbara! chapter 6! Remember that, according to LK's hosting policies, you can't upload this chapter to any hosting site for 78 hours after the releasee!!

BTW, thanks A BUNCH to Elle that has scanned this chapter for us ♥, and that she'll be leaving the group once she's done scanning the whole volume. So, a message for her: You rock, yenno? We'll love to have you back whenever you want to ;w;!

Zanbara! chapter 6
omg, I want moooooreeee shinsenguuuuumiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! 

mediafire || asap


All in all, make sure you enjoy each chapter the most!!


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