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16 August 2010 @ 10:17 pm
Kamui - vol11 ch48!  

What?! A Kamui release?!! This century?!!! Yup, you're not wrong, this is a Kamui release lol. We had to release something before the new chapter of PH is out lol, yenno XD!

We had some problems during the process though.. but bleh, I'm not going to start babbling about them because it's boring lol. HOWEVER, with this release I want to celebrate the return of two of our most reliable translators : JewelledWings and Abby! I'm so glad they're back~ <333! The both of them are sooooo awesomeeee <3333!

Anyway, just enjoy the chapter ~! And yay! We're nearly reaching the end and we're in the middle of the climax XD!

Chapter 48:  The Chasm is Hard to Fill
I still love Utsuho, even when he's fucked up lol.
4shared || more mirrors asap ;3

Btw~ next chapter might be out soon, depending on how much time I have. Actually, it might be out reaaalllyy sooon,  *insert evil laugh here* - well, within this week or the next one, depening if PH gets on our way before I can get started on it lol.


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