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The Black Abyss

Muahahaha (?)

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Click here if ya want PH scans :P

Hello, there!
We're a scanlation team that's specially interested in bringing you fast PH releases :D
(though perehaps, we'll have others projects as well ^^)
The main members are :
Abby (abby90), our wonderful translator
Aiakia (aiakia), that works as a proofreader
Inu (xxgunxx) and Bara-hime (thegreatdiva) the editors ^^
though the foundators were just abby and inu ^^

if you want to contact us just PM us to our lj users () , k?
in this moment we would really like to have more translators for new projects,
so... if ya know chinese, japanese, or whatever, you're welcome to come and join us!!
really, you're welcome. *puppy eyes*

however, as there were some obstacles during our ph releases, we set some rules that you need to follow when commenting:

1. We welcome any feedback and suggestion.
2. If you have some complains or suggestion, please, be polite. You do not just barge right in, insult us, and demand us to do this and that.
3. If you are consider rude in any other way, your complains/suggestions are most likely to be ignored until another person request the same thing in a polite manner.

they are not too much, and just asking ya to be kind and polite, so don't make a fuss about it ^^

hope you like our scans~~

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Social capital

  • less than 10